An international experience

Porta Nevia maintains collaborative relationships with university residences in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Every year Porta Nevia students participate in cultural and professional orientation activities, organized by Fondazione Rui with its partners: EucA, Aese Business School, Piura University and Strathmore University.


Scholarships and International Activities

Fondazione Rui promotes many initiatives and international exchange activities by providing scholarships and subsidies from the fund dedicated to internationalization:  JUMP + courses in collaboration with major International Business Schools, Summer Schools and Volunteering international activities..

For the last three years, Fondazione Rui has also funded various scholarships for the ChinaMed Business Program, a 6-week program with over 200 hours of training, which takes place at Peking University in the cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Shenzhen.

International network of Porta Nevia Residence in Rome | Porta Nevia Residenza Universitaria a Roma, Campus Bio-Medico Roma Tre