To participate in the admission test and to the appointment of the facilitated boarding fees, send your application form on-line through  MyCollege. MyCollege is the on-line platform that accompanies you in the admission itinerary.

How to register leggi

Once you've registered with your username and your password, follow the instructions on MyCollege. Fill in the form and attach the necessary documentation.

The registration to the admission test has to be formalised through the receipt of 30 euro payment. Payment should be through bank transfer:

Banca Popolare di Ancona Filiale di Roma 3 – Via Croce c/c 6092- ABI 05308 CAB 03201 – Cin: H Iban: IT02 H053 0803 2010 0000 0006 092 (da aggiungere) BIC: BPAMIT31769 INTESTATO A : Fondazione Rui Collegio Universitario Porta Nevia Via Laurentina, 86\Q, 00142 Roma.

The receipt should be attached on MyCollege in the "attach your documentation" section or sent by fax  (+39 06 594721) or email ( You can reserve your spot up to the day prior the test. The results will be comunicated the following week.

The questions of the admission test, the documentation and the tests are matter of evaluation. The criteria considers academical merits, sharing the formative project and personal aptitude and motivation to participate to the life of the residence. Admission is evaluated by the Admission Committee and it's unquestionable.