Jump courses 13-14

TEAM WORK October 2013 leggi

Interdisciplinary curse for all students of all the different majors

Teamwork can make reaching goals more efficient, but it can also obstruct it. The efficiency of teamwork might depend on the kinds of goals but also in the dynamics and the relationships we find inside a group. Learners experiment these elements during the case analysis and the proposed groupwork activities. Download the leaflet

MEDSEMINARS November 2013 leggi

Activity aimed at III-IV year Med school students

The course "What kind of doctor do you want to be? " lasts a weekend. Practical activities, frontal lessons, informal conversations and voluntary work are all part of these two days. The course organizes the presence of different professionals from different sectors.

There are only 50 available spots.

ETHHICS February 2014 leggi

Activity aimed at LAW students

Legal formation can be integrated with the transmission of the methodologies that professional jurists use. The Legal Cases aim to develop and stregthen the knowledge acquired in class, using a concrete approach that shows the different know hows typical of the different jobs. Lawyers, judges and notaries guide the students in order to develop their personal abilities and their teamwork, so that they can choose their future job in a more aware way.

ANTROPOLOGIA March 2014 leggi

Interdisciplinary course aimed at students from I - II year of all departments

Why do we act? How important is rationality and will in our existence? Where do we put passions? What do we ask others when we relate with them? Who am I? The course wants to give students the base instruments to understand human experience, in order to stimulate personal reflection about what should be at the centre of our lives and how to measure the effective value of what we do, of what we build both in interpersonal relationships and in the typical dynamics of the professional world.